About Weiser, ID

We speak from firsthand experience when we say that Weiser, Idaho, is a fantastic place to live! There are plenty of recreational activities year round, so no matter what time you plan to visit, there's always something to do. If you plan on stopping by Idaho, consider some of these great attractions! 

  1. Weiser River Trail. Go on a whole new adventure through the canyons and alpine meadows. This river trail runs a total length of 85 miles and ultimately leads to the famous Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. There are activities for everyone! Whether you're into hiking, biking, horseback riding, birdwatching, photography, or cross country skiing, you can find it here! The Weiser River Trail is easy to find just outside of Weiser.
  2. St. Regulus Winery. This winery takes the name of a medieval tower in the 1200s and combines old world traditions with new world methods. Dave Rule crafts the wines with care using pump-under fermenters. Each wine comes out fruity, bold, and rich in tannins and color as a result. First designed in 1979, Rule's equipment and experience eventually led to the founding of St. Regulus Winery 2008. Whether you're looking for fantastic wine or trying something new, you can find it here.
  3. Weiser Rolling Hills Golf Course. For those who want a vacation full of leisure, check out this golf course. Complete with restaurant and bar, you can sit back and relax while chatting with some locals. The Weiser Rolling Hills Golf Course hosts leagues and tournaments. The golf course is open during Summer, Fall, and Spring.
  4. Boise State University. Take your vacation to a new level with art, sporting events, lectures, and much more. As one of the premiere institutions of higher education, Boise State has plenty to offer both locals and visitors from around the globe!