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Ford Mustang History with Hometown Motors in Weiser, ID

1965 Ford Mustang
The Ford Mustang is one of the most beloved cars in American history. Its innovative design single-handedly created the pony car style of American sports car, paving the way for other sports cars that have become classics. First released halfway through the 1964 model year and then again with design changes in 1965, the Mustang has maintained its reputation for excellence over fifty years and six generations.

The earliest Mustang was conceptualized as a racecar, and that spirit has carried through its design and engine ever since. The 1964 release was a two-seater, which designers quickly abandoned in favor of a four-door model when sales proved low. In order to keep prices low, the Mustang’s parts had to be simple and were largely shared with the Ford Falcon. The Mustang grew bigger and heavier throughout its first generation as demand for luxurious cars grew.
2015 Ford Mustang
The second generation started in 1974, going back to the Mustang’s lighter, more fuel-efficient roots. This generation lasted only four years, followed by the longer-lived third generation, which lasted until 1993 and featured a Mustang with a longer body. The third generation also introduced several trim levels still used today, such as the GT.

The fourth and fifth generations spanned the mid-90s and 2000s. The Mustang was restyled multiple times; the body was shortened for the fourth generation and a brand new engine was introduced, replacing one that had been used for thirty years. The fifth generation saw a massive redesign, making the Mustang wider and sportier looking than it had been in years.

The 2015 model marked the first year of the sixth generation, a safety- and reliability focused redesign with an even wider body, three engine options including an EcoBoost four-cylinder, and a specially designed independent rear suspension system.
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